Tiger Lily of Bangkok
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Read how 'Tiger Lily of Bangkok' caused utter panic on all
levels of society in the nation's capital, especially among men...

Tiger Lily of Bangkok

Tiger Lily of Bangkok

Tiger Lily of Bangkok

This is my first novel in the genre of crime thrillers / suspense and I enjoyed writing it, although there were some scary moments for me too.

It is also my entry into the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) 2013 Challenge and this is the first time that I have entered that as well.


Lily was born in eastern Isaan near the Mekong River, the only daughter of Chinese-Thais who owned a shop in their small village of birth.

'I give it 4 stars. The story was interesting, well planned out, and I enjoyed it.' (Read) B.M.
'I am curious to see what happns in years to come in Lily's life...it's a gripping story.' M.H.
'I thoroughly enjoyed 'Tiger Lily of Bangkok' and hope there will be a sequel soon.' K.V
''An unusual and deep thriller. Recommended.' E.G.
'If you like to read books on Thailand, you'll love 'Tiger Lily of Bangkok'! It kept me gripped and I even felt sorry for the serial killer!' S.P.
'I love 'Tiger Lily of Bangkok'! I hope Owen Jones will be writing more about this vicious, unforgiving killer'. M.B.

Her parents had a close friend who helped out that Lily called Uncle. He used to smile at her and take her gifts as a small child.

However, when she was just eleven years old the nature of the gifts changed and there was always a price to pay for them that Lily hated.

Dare she risk upsetting her parents by telling them about it?

An accident of fate at school gave Lily an idea how to put an end to the problem once and for all and her parents came to realise what had been going on in their daughter's life.

Soon after the incident, Lily's father died. Some said from shame. Lily herself was given compensation which she wanted to use to change her life. Her decision was to go to University in Bangkok to study at medical college.

It was there that she realised that the compensation, which had seemed a fortune in the village, would not be enough to fund her University life in full and she descended into the seamier side of Bangkok life in order to raise more.

On another plane, a serial killer is taking the lives of men in Bangkok and the city is rightly scared. Not only are the men stigmatised in death, but a trademark flower is left at the scene of each killing.

The press says that this is the most frightening serial killer since the cannibal child killer, Si Ouey Sae Urng of the 1950's.

Fear haunts the city and no-one knows who will die next or even how the victims are chosen.

While the police are still at the beginning of their investigations, the people of Bangkok are scared to go out after dark, fearful for what might happen to them.

'It is hard to think of a more sympathetic serial killer than Tiger Lily of Bangkok. More, please!' N.M
'I really got caught into an amazing plot filled with abuse, pain, confusion, anger and retaliation' 5*'s Read - L.R.

by +Owen Jones