Tiger Lily of Bangkok
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Read how 'Tiger Lily of Bangkok' caused utter panic on all
levels of society in the nation's capital, especially among men...

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  • Lily was abused from the age of eleven by an 'uncle'. One day, she exacted revenge on her 'uncle', but the incident bothered her for years, until she exploded and then the whole of Bangkok knew
  • This is the first chapter of 'Tiger Lily of Bangkok', the latest novel set in Thailand by Owen Jones. This chapter is given as a free sample of the book. Lily is a medical student at university...
  • Tiger Lily of Bangkok is a story of tragedy, loss, and confusion about how the bad things that happened to Lily - that caused her to be ignored and feared by people her own age in her home village
  • .Lily was a good intuitive shot. She was one of those people who doesn’t seem to have to take aim like most marksmen. Read the first chapter of Tiger Lily of Bangkok in London free here...
  • In ‘Tiger Lily of Bangkok in London’ the protagonist’s medical studies have taken her to Londonl and it’s not long before Lily finds herself immersed in another crusade against paedophile rings
  • In ‘Tiger Lily of Bangkok in London’ the protagonist’s medical studies have taken her to Londonl and it’s not long before Lily finds herself immersed in another crusade against paedophile rings
  • Lilies have had a remarkable history. For thousands of years, lilies have stood for purity, rebirth and death all over the world. White and tiger lilies are among the most popular
  • The Tiger Lily is one of the most popular true lilies and also just about the easiest to grow. They are also edible and provide material for medicinal use. They are toxic to cats though. Read on .
  • Isaan, in North-Eastern Thailand is confusing in name and location, but a lovely place to be when you get there. It is mountainous, beautiful and friendly. Read...
  • Touching Thai Women is something to do with culture and tradition. If you like to go to Thailand, you need to read this article on Touching Thai Women
  • Mekong River in Isaan, North-Eastern Thailand is the twelfth longest liver in the world, flowing from Tibet to Vietnam, but the second most diverse ecosystem...
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder characterised by obsessive unpleasant thoughts and compulsive baviour used to distract the OCD sufferer from having them.
  • This article looks at Serial Killers, Spree Killers and Mass Murderers, because there is a difference, but there is a lot of overlap and then cannibals too
  • The capital of Thailand is well-known to be Bangkok in the West, but Thais have several names for it, Krung Thep being the most common in everyday use
  • The Bangkok Skytrain BTS is one of the attractions of Thailand's capital city. Bangkok used to be well-known for its pollution and traffic jams, but the Bangkok Skytrain...
  • Khaosan Road in Bangkok is one of the most famous streets in the city. It is likely that more backpacking young people have been there than anywhere in Bangkok
  • Thai-Chinese People make up about 40% of Thai society in total, but are over-represented in all upper echelons of business, finance and the royal family.
  • Our last Visa Run to Vientiane in Laos was as eventful as usual, but not in any good way. Funny though! I hope this story gives you a few insights into the pitfalls
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  • This is a genome project book review comparing 'Tiger Lily of Bangkok' to books throughout history - very interesting read
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  • Lily was abused from the age of eleven by an 'uncle'. She put a stop to his shennanigans, but never forgot. It was to haunt her all her life.
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